Sean Figueroa
Sean Figueroa 2
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality American
Family Wade Crewes(father)
Carla Figueroa (mother, deceased)
Unnamed step-father
Behind the scenes
Appearances "One Way to Get Off"
Portrayed by Juan Castano

Sean Figueroa is a young volunteer named at an anti-illiteracy program called LIFA.

When volunteering at the Sing Sing Prison, he met his mother's client Wade Crewes, and Sean taught the older man how to read. Eventually, Sean revealed to Crewes that he was his son. Crewes started to tell Sean about his work and even where he stashed the shoes he took and the pistol he used. He convinced Sean to kill for him.

In 2012, Sean started killing people by taping pillows to there faces and executing them exactly as his father had, even using the same pistol he did, with his first two victims being the Myroses. Captain Gregson worked the case and immediately became startled by the similarities between these deaths and the '99 murders. Sherlock Holmes, who was consulting the case, also noticed the resemblance.

Later that day, Holmes and Gregson went to his mother Carla Figueroa's house, where they met Sean, who told them that Carla died a few years earlier of leukemia.

After three more people were murdered, Sherlock went to visit Sean Figueroa. He told Sean that he knew that he was Wade Crewes' son and that he volunteered to work at Sing Sing to meet him. Holmes informed Sean that Crewes was going to go up in front of a courtroom with a chance to go free by giving a name of who's killing now. Sean at first refused to listen, but later confessed to working with Crewes and killing those people for him.

At Sing Sing, Crewes appeared in front of Holmes and Gregson. Holmes showed Crewes the shoes that he stole in 1999, and told Crewes that he knew where they were stashed with his pistol because his son told them. Crewes immediately denied having a son, but Holmes and Gregson told him that Sean confessed and was going away, and he got five new conspiracy charges. Crewes was taken back to his cell, but not before being dragged back by the guards for causing a scene, claiming he was framed.


  • Sean Figueroa's mask
  • Sean executing one of his victims

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