San Francisco
San Francisco
Vital statistics
Location California, United States
Position Port city
Appearances "The Noble Bachelor"

San Francisco is a port city located in northern California. Remaining only a small village over a century after its founding, it experienced a massive boom of growth following the Gold Rush of 1849 and is now one of the most important ports on the Pacific coast of the United States.

Canonical appearances

"The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor"

Miss Hatty Doran, the fiancée of Lord Robert St Simon, hailed from San Francisco.


Bay Area Sherlock Con (BASC) is a fan-run celebration of Sherlock Holmes and all the adaptations inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective stories. The convention has brought together an ever-growing community of Sherlockians in the San Francisco Bay Area, which hosts various smaller gatherings throughout the year.[1]


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