Samuel Abbott
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality American
Occupation Serial killer
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Child Predator"

Samuel Abbott is an American man who appeared in "Child Predator". He was the original Balloon Man kidnapper, who abducted Adam Kemper when he was just a young boy and kept him from his parents for years. Abbot selected his kidnapping targets through whatever job he had at the time. His MO was to grab children and to leave a balloon in their place that had "thank you" written on it. It is said in the episode that he has kidnapped several children who have either never been seen again or have been found dead.

During a raid, the police discovered a flash drive attached to one his usual balloon bunches. It contained a video of Samuel Abbott threatening to kill his latest victim unless they returned Adam Kemper to him. He is then seen making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, when the police raid his apartment. Abbot threatens to kill his victim, but then turns the gun on himself.

When Sherlock confronts Adam he proves it was really the younger man who was in charge of the kidnappings and was the dominant force in their relationship. Soon after being kidnapped, Adam turned the tables on Abbott and started dominating him, gaining a sadistic pleasure from the whole experience. Although Adam believed that he had escaped suspicion or future police action by striking an immunity deal with the police where he would provide evidence against Abbott, Sherlock was able to ensure Adam's arrest when he discovered that one abduction occurred when Abbott was in hospital having major surgery on his back, as Adam's deal only covered crimes he committed with Abbott rather than anything he did on his own.

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