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Sally Donovan
BBC Sally-Donovan
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality British
Affiliation New Scotland Yard
Occupation Police Officer - Sergeant
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Unaired Pilot"
"A Study In Pink"
"The Great Game"
"The Reichenbach Fall"
"The Sign of Three"
Portrayed by Vinette Robinson
Zawe Ashton (Pilot)
"You know why he's here? He's not paid or anything. He likes it."
―Sgt. Sally Donovan, referring to Sherlock Holmes [src]

Detective Sergeant Sally Donovan is a Scotland Yard Police Officer under DI Greg Lestrade. It is possible she is his second in command, however this is never stated outright.

Sally openly dislikes Sherlock Holmes, like many of the other police officers, occasionally referring to him as 'Freak', sometimes to his face. When she first meets John Watson she warns him away from associating with Sherlock, calling him a psychopath. She speculates that one day he will get so bored that he will be the one murdering instead of catching the murderers. She feels that he "gets off" on crime as he seems to enjoy what he does, even though he doesn't get paid for it. However, John chooses to ignore her. (A Study In Pink)

Sally is involved in an affair with Anderson, which Sherlock reveals in front of everyone while he is insulting Anderson, criticising the state of her knees. It may also be interesting to note that when introducing John to Sally, Sherlock refers to her as 'an old friend', but later states that he '[doesn't] have friends'. (The Hounds of Baskerville.)

Later Sally begins to actually respect Sherlock's deductive abilities. However, later in the investigation, she (along with Anderson) begins to believe that Sherlock was involved in the kidnapping; because the kidnapped girl screams when he enters the room. She also begins to feel suspicious about how fast Sherlock was able to figure out how and where the children were taken. It is arguable whether or not that evidence was conclusive enough for an arrest. This was all part of Jim Moriarty's plan to defame Sherlock, by breaking the trust that New Scotland Yard had in him. (The Reichenbach Fall)

Sally is still working for Scotland Yard with Lestrade after Sherlock's return to London and it is revealed that he faked his death. Unlike Anderson, Sally has kept her job. (The Sign of Three)


Sally is extremely antagonistic towards Sherlock Holmes.



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