Vital statistics
Location Bern, Switzerland
Position Hamlet
Appearances "The Final Problem"

Rosenlaui is a small hamlet located in the Canton of Bern in the Swiss Alps. It is situated in a deep glacial valley, not far from the famous Reichenbach Falls.

The Final Problem

After arriving in Meiringen, Holmes and Watson book a room in the Englisher Hof Hotel for the night, with the intention of starting the next day for Rosenlaui. The owner tells them to be sure to pass the Reichenbach Falls on their way over the mountain, as it is a sight not to be missed. When they reach the falls, Watson is extremely impressed. However, a Swiss boy arrives bringing a letter from the hotel, saying that a deathly ill English woman has just arrived. Holmes decides to wait at the falls and then continue by himself on to Rosenlaui, where he would wait for Watson. When Watson realizes the story of the English woman was a trick, he at first assumes that Holmes must have continued ahead to Rosenlaui without him, before recognizing signs of the struggle that took place and realizing that his friend had been overtaken in a struggle with James Moriarty.

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