Rosamund Mary Watson
Sherlock (2010)
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Born 2015
Nationality British
Parents John Watson
Mary Morstan (deceased)
Family Harriet Watson (paternal aunt)
Molly Hooper (godmother)
Sherlock Holmes (godfather)
Martha Louise Hudson (godmother)
Behind the scenes
Appearances Sherlock

Rosamund Mary "Rosie" Watson is the infant daughter of John and Mary Watson.


Rosamund watson and family

Rosamund is conceived prior to the marriage of her parents John and Mary Watson. During the wedding their friend and Rosie's godfather Sherlock Holmes deduces that Mary is pregnant, and tells them the news during the reception.

Rosamund is named after her mother, having her mother's first and middle name, however her mother's true last name is unknown.

Rosamund has three godparents, Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, and Mrs.Hudson. Although it's possible Greg Lestrade is another.


  • After she is named it is revealed that her mother's name was originally "Rosamund Mary", her father had liked the name "Catherine".


Series Three


Series Four



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