Lord Robert St Simon
Vital statistics
Born 1846
Nationality British
Parents Duke of Balmoral
Duchess of Balmoral
Siblings Elder brother
Eustace St Simon (younger brother)
Clara St Simon (younger sister)
Occupation Undersecretary for the Colonies (former)
Religion Anglican
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Noble Bachelor"

Lord Robert Walsingham de Vere St Simon was a British peer and a client of Sherlock Holmes. He was the second son of the Duke of Balmoral, and was a direct descendant of both the houses of Plantagenet and Tudor. He was a former Undersecretary for the Colonies, and was considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Europe. However, in spite of his ancient and distinguished lineage he was not at all wealthy, and apart from a small estate called Birchmoor he owned no property whatsoever. Thus, when he became engaged to a wealthy American heiress named Hatty Doran, many suspected her fortune was a significant factor in convincing him to marry after twenty years of bachelorhood. When the new Lady St Simon disappeared shorty after their wedding, he sought Holmes' assistance in finding her.

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