Ready or Not

Season 4, Episode 18

Air Date 27 March, 2016
Writer Bob Goodman
Director Christine Moore
Previous You've Got Me, Who's Got You?
Next All In
Ready or Not is the eighteenth episode of season four of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 27th March, 2016.

Summary Edit

When a survivalist doctor goes missing, Holmes and Watson must determine whether he's purposely gone off the grid or if he's a victim of foul play. Also, Holmes exhibits odd behaviour when his romantic relationship with Fiona (Betty Gilpin) hits a critical point.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Regular Edit

Recurring Edit

Guest Edit

  • Betty Gilpin - Fiona Helbron
  • Frederick Weller - Ronnie Wright
  • Seth Gilliam - Ira Wallace
  • Daniel Oreskes - Lloyd Springer
  • Auden Thornton - Julie Monohan
  • Miriam Shor - Jennifer Bader
  • Max Von Essen - Brett Staller/Mike Danks
  • Nadia Dajani - Dr. Jannis
  • Kate Miller - Julie's Attorney
  • Wayne Maugens - Vincent Bader
  • Nathaniel Springer - Michael Lorz

Season Three Navigation Edit

Season Four
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#02 Evidence of Things Not Seen#10 Alma Matters#18 Ready or Not
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#04 All My Exes Live in Essex#12 A View With a Room#20 Art Imitates Art
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#06 The Cost of Doing Business#14 Who Is That Masked Man?#22 Turn It Upside Down
#07 Miss Taken#15 Up to Heaven and Down to Hell#23 The Invisible Hand
#08 A Burden of Blood#16 Hounded#24 A Difference in Kind

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