Percy Phelps
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Family Lord Holdhurst (uncle)
Occupation Government clerk
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Naval Treaty"

Percy Phelps was an old schoolmate of John Watson and employee of the British government. Thanks to the influence of Lord Holdhurst, his uncle and Foreign Secretary, he was given a responsible position in the Foreign Office. and was Sherlock Holmes' client. When a secret treaty between the UK and Italy was stolen from his office, he wrote to Watson asking for Sherlock Holmes' help in recovering the missing document before the loss became known (with catastrophic and international ramifications). Watson recounted this story in "The Adventure of the Naval Treaty".

"The Adventure of the Naval Treaty" Edit

Phelps was an old schoolmate of Watson's, though he was two classes ahead, where he was known as "Tadpole". A "nervous, sensitive boy", Phelps was nevertheless an excellent student, receiving numerous school prizes and ultimately winning a scholarship to attend Cambridge. He was also known to be very well-connected through his maternal uncle, Lord Holdhurst, a prominent conservative politician, for which he was mercilessly teased. None of this made Phelps popular, and who was relentlessly bullied by the other students. Watson describes how he and the other boys used to taunt Phelps and chase him around the yard while hitting him with cricket equipment.

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