Peggy Holmes
Peggy Holmes
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Children Robert Holmes
Family Shirley Holmes (Granddaughter)
Dr. Joanna Holmes (daughter in law)
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Elizabeth Shepherd

Peggy "Gran" Holmes is the niece of Sherlock Holmes, mother of Robert Holmes, Grandmother to Shirley Holmes and mother in law to Dr. Joanna Holmes.


shirley's grandmother,Peggy Holmes, is no ordinary gran! She's travelled widely in her time, mainly thanks to her love of archaeology, which has seen her uncovering some fantastic artefacts at sites and digs around the world. She's also an expert in the oriental discipline of t'ai chi.

Shirley is very close to her grandma and they both enjoy spending time together. Shirley loves Peggy's apartment in their large and rambling house. It's a place full of mismatched but intriguing objects: Persian carpets, ancient spears, amulets, fossils, tribal masks.. no matter how well Shirley thinks she knows the place, there's always something new to be discovered there.

Peggy knows Shirley well enough to understand that what she often needs more than anything is time to think her problems through. Theirs is a relationship of equals, and sometimes a story from her own past is enough to set Shirley on the right road. Shirley loves the fact than her gran is so wise- she seems to know the answer to almost everything.

However, she's never quite sure how much Gran knows about her sleuthing, Virtually nothing she thinks - then chance remark will make Shirley realise that Gran knows a lot more than she thought. It remains their unspoken secrets; and, as Gran has a few secrets of her own, this suit the pair of them fine!