Patrick Gowers (full name William Patrick Gowers) was a British composer who created the music for the Granada Television's 1984-1994 series of Sherlock Holmes adaptations.

Personal life and career Edit

Born in Islington, London, 5 May 1936. He was educated at Cambridge University and married to Caroline Molesworth Maurice. His doctorate focused on the works of late 19th century French composer and pianist Erik Satie. Gowers died on the 30 December 2014, in London, at the age of 78.

Gowers originally started as a general music composer and composer for theatre plays. In his later decades, he developed a long and distinguished career in composing music for film and television productions, mainly in his native United Kingdom, and for Scandinavian films. Besides the ITV Sherlock Holmes series, some of his other film and television composing credits include Marat/Sade (film adaptation of the stage play), Ballad of Carl-Henning (1968), Hamlet (1969), The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970), Giv Gud en chance om søndagen (1970), The Boy Who Turned Yellow (1972), Farlige kys (1972), A Bigger Splash (1974), Children of Rage (1975), Stevie (1978) and Whoops Apocalypse (1986).

Gowers also worked as a jazz critic for the Financial Times, as a director of the electronic music studio at Dartington, and as the assistant conductor of Bill Russo's London Jazz Orchestra. He also collaborated with the vocal ensemble New Swingle Singers, playing keyboards.

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