Vital statistics
Location France
Position Capital city
Appearances Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Paris is the capital of France. The city received an extensive reconstruction in the 1870s, and is well known for its beautiful architecture.


In 1891, Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson, and Madame Simza Heron traveled to Paris while investigating Professor Moriary and tracking Sim's brother, René.[1]

There, after meeting with René's contact, the anarchist Claude Ravache, they discovered a bombing plot. Holmes, Watson, and Sim raced to the Opéra Garnier, which they thought was the target; however, upon seeing Moriarty in the audience, they realised they were wrong. Holmes realised too late that the attack was to occur at a business conference at the nearby Hôtel du Triomphe attended by Alfred Meinhard, a weapons manufacturer. Despite the group's efforts, the bomb exploded just as they reached the hotel. However, the group now had a clue as to Moriarty's plans, and after trailing him to the Gare du Nord, they left Paris to follow him to Heilbronn.



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