Pablo de Sarasate
Vital statistics
Born 4 October 1860
Pamplona, Navarre, Spain
Died 28 January 1908
Biarritz, France
Nationality Spanish
Occupation Violinist and composer
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Red-Headed League"

Pablo Martín Melitón de Sarasate y Navascués (10 March 1844 – 20 September 1908) was a Spanish violinist and composer of the Romantic period. He was both famous for the precision of his musical execution and the exotic Spanish flavor of his playing and composition. He received numerous awards and orders over his lifetime, both within Spain and abroad.

The Adventure of the Red-Headed League

After receiving Jabez Wilson's request for help, Sherlock Holmes invites John Watson with him to hear Sarasate perform at St James' Hall; Holmes is enthusiastic to note there is much German music on the programme, which is his favorite. Holmes sits through the concert in a rhapsody, using the music to help him focus: by the time the concert is over, he has solved the case, and instructs Watson to meet him at ten so they can attempt to stop the criminals.

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