New Brighton
New Brighton
Vital statistics
Location Merseyside, England
Position Resort town
Appearances "The Adventure of the Cardboard Box"

New Brighton was a seaside resort town in Merseyside, England situated across the river Mersey from Liverpool. The town was developed in the 1830s by a Liverpool merchant and named after the popular resort of Brighton; by the end of the century it had become a popular resort serving England's industrial north.

"The Adventure of the Cardboard Box"

Mary Browner and Alec Fairbairn bought tickets to New Brighton to spend the day together. Mary's husband Jim, suspecting infidelity, followed the pair to the town. Mary and Fairbairn walked along the Parade, then rented a boat and took it out to sea. Jim followed them in another boat. When he came upon the couple, he murdered them by beating them to death with a club. He then tied the bodies to the boat and sank it, knowing that they would be assumed to have become lost at sea.

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