Mycroft Holmes
Guy Ritchie adaptations
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Family Sherlock Holmes (brother)
Occupation Government official
Behind the scenes
Appearances Sherlock Holmes (2009 film) (mentioned)
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Portrayed by Stephen Fry

Mycroft Holmes is the older brother of Sherlock Holmes.


Mycroft met Sherlock and Dr John Watson at the Shush Club in the East End of London for Watson's stag party before his marriage to Mary Morstan. Later, after Sherlock threw Mary from her honeymoon train to protect her from Professor Moriarty's henchmen, Mycroft pulled Mary Watson from a river. He was obviously informed by Sherlock of his plans to do so, as he was ready and waiting in a boat with Carruthers. Mycroft then took her to his home to be safe from Moriarty. Later, Sherlock used Mycroft's breathing device to survive the fall from Reichenbach Castle into the waterfall below.


Mycroft, like his brother, is analytical, highly intelligent and a fiercely cunning man in the British Secret Service. He is also arrogant and improper, refusing to shake Watson's hand when offered and tapping a pedestrian with his cane to get out of his way rather than simply ask and show courtesy.

However, Mycroft has possible traits despite of his arrogance, as he is very loyal to the crown and greatly cares about his younger brother and had an air of youth about him, still referring to Sherlock by his childhood nickname: 'Sherly'! He also displays strong trust and loyalty to Sherlock, as he went out of his way to recruit many man and save Mary Morstan from drowning in the river just because Sherlock had told him to do so. It is implied that Sherlock too trusts Mycroft to a considerable degree, as Mycroft was likely aware that his brother had the contigency plan of throwing both himself and Moriaty into the Reichebench Falls should he fail to take down Moriaty in a brawl, considering that Mycroft had evidently gave his brother his breathing device, which Sherlock used to survive in the water.

Behind the scenes

Fry's version of Mycroft is one of the few to appear anywhere near as 'portly' as the character is described in the original tales.


  • This incarnation of Mycroft is implied to be homosexual, given his comments to Mary about learning to appreciate the company of someone her "gender".