Ms Hudson
Ms hudson
Vital statistics
Nationality British
Occupation Cleaner
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Snow Angels"
"The Man With the Twisted Lip"
"The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction"
Portrayed by Candis Cayne
"Ms Hudson is a fascinating woman. She has an Oxford don's knowledge of ancient Greek, but she’s a complete autodidact. She consulted with me for several cases I worked with Scotland Yard."
Sherlock Holmes [src]

Ms Hudson is a transgender woman who went to Sherlock Holmes for help after the break up of her relationship.

She stays at his house during a snowstorm, although Joan Watson tells Holmes that he should have asked her permission first, before telling Ms Hudson that she could stay. Holmes reveals that he and Ms Hudson have worked together before, when Holmes consulted for New Scotland Yard as she is an expert in ancient Greek. Holmes also tells Watson that Ms Hudson is something of a "muse", inspiring the men she has relationships with, who in turn keep her in a comfortable lifestyle. Whilst Ms Hudson is staying at Holmes' house she reveals herself to be quite practically-minded, helping Watson to light a fire, cleaning the place very thoroughly and organising Holmes' books and monographs to his satisfaction. After the storm has cleared Ms Hudson gets a lift from Pam the snowplough driver, who takes her to her cousins place as some of the roads are still impassable after the storm. She leaves after agreeing to work as Holmes' and Watson's cleaner, telling Holmes she will see him on Tuesday.


  • She was a boy scout as a child.

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