Ms. Cynthia Stratmann
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Marie Stillin

Ms. Cynthia Stratmann is the principal/ Head teacher of Sussex Academy, where Shirley Holmes and Bo Sawchuk attend, and is rather strict with it. She is no time for nonsense and believes firmly in doing things by the book.

She appreciates Shirley's classwork and good grades, but isn't prepared to let the girl get away with any rule breaking or unpunctuality and often caught Shirley arriving late to class, therefore giving her detention where she ended up meeting Bo for the first time.

As for Bo; Ms Stratmann makes no bones about the fact that he's got a lot of catching up to do - and she's not at all sure that Bo and Shirley's friendship is a good thing. His grades might be improving but, in her opinion, his attitude isn't.

Deep within her, she has father a soft spot for Shirley's wild side - but even a detective as good as Shirley has trouble seeing through the head teacher's stern nature.