Mr Melas & Harold Latimer

Sherlock's client in the short story "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter". Mr Melas is a successful Greek interpreter residing in London. He finds himself brought to The Myrtles, a house in Beckenham by Harold Latimer. Here, Melas learns of Kratides being forcibly starved by Latimer and Kemp, Melas is forced to interpret the demans of the two villians and the responses of Kratides. As time goes on in this interview, Melas discovers more of Kratides's plight and upon returning to London seeks the help of Mycroft Holmes who calls Sherlock for assistance. Due to the sudden attention placed on the incident by the great detective, Kemp and Latimer learn of Melas's betrayal abduct and attempt to kill both Melas and Kratides by leaving them in a room of poisonous gas while running off with Kratides's Sister. Sherlock manages to save Melas but Kratides dies. (Mr Melas, Harold Latimer in blacked out cart)