Mr Fowler
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality British
Spouse Alice Rucastle
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches"

Mr Fowler is the husband of Alice Rucastle. During the period of their engagement, there were numerous attempts made by Alice's father, Jephro, to break the couple up so he could maintain his own financial advantages. However, Mr Fowler's devotion to Alice and his perseverance against the odds ultimately enabled him and Alice to successfully elope and marry.


Mr Fowler was a seaman whom Alice met at a friend's house. Later on, they fell in love and became engaged. Unfortunately, Alice's father, Jephro Rucastle, did not look upon their match with a kind eye: Alice's and Mr Fowler's marriage would enable the latter to share the fortune that the former had inherited from her mother's will, which Jephro himself had been using.

Hence, Jephro tried to get Alice to sign a paper that would enable him to use her money whether she married or not, but Alice adamantly refused. Jephro's cruel, relentless persistence over the matter caused his daughter to become ill with brain-fever, and for six weeks her recovery was in complete doubt. Because of the fever, her beautiful hair had to be cut off, but she managed to recover - though her illness left her, in Mrs Toller (one of the two Rucastle servants)'s words, "all worn to a shadow".

Despite all of this, Mr Fowler remained faithful and true in his love for Alice, which caused Jephro to put her under house-arrest. Hence, Mr Fowler took to constantly loitering about the house, hoping for a chance to meet with or at least catch a glimpse of Alice. Jephro retaliated by purchasing a mastiff, which is deliberately let loose at night on the grounds to prevent Mr Fowler from endeavoring to communicate with her. Later on, Jephro even hired Miss Violet Hunter to impersonate Alice to convince Mr Fowler that she no longer desired his attentions.

However, Mr Fowler refused to give up. After blockading the house, he managed to meet with Mrs Toller, and - through both money and heartfelt pleas - successfully persuaded her to help him and Alice elope.

As revealed in the conclusion, Mr Fowler and Alice were married, by special license, in Southampton the day after they successfully ran away from the Copper Beeches, and he was now the holder of a government appointment in the Island of Mauritius.

Physical Appearance

Mr Fowler was described to be a bearded man dressed in a grey suit.

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