Mr. Arthur Howie
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Colin Fox

Mr. Arthur Howie is is Shirley Holmes' history teacher at Sussex Academy.

He used to attend Sussex and boarded at the dorm, and was also a very popular student, as shown in "The Case of the Dead Debutante". However, he has kinder-phobia, the phobia of children, as revealed in "The Case of the Alien Abductions".

He is only three years away from retirement and can't wait for that day to arrive! He's been teaching for forty years and, during that time, children and the whole world have changed far too much for his liking. Once upon a time, his students were obedient and quite; they just sat still and did what they were told.

Nowadays there are kids like Shirley to contend with - always asking questions or Bart James - whose incessant babble about extraterrestrials completely unhinge him. Why can't all his students be like Molly Hardy, who he sees as a nice, polite, quite girl.