Molly Hardy
Molly Hardy
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality Canadian
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Sarah Ezer

Molly Hardy is a Canadian school child who attends Sussex Academy, at one point being the student council president. She is the nemesis of Shirley Holmes, acting as her Moriarty counterpart and it is possible that she is in fact descended from Professor Moriarty.

She is a dream come true for Ms Stratmann, the Headmistress of Sussex Academy. Molly is a natural born leader, beautiful, polite, attentive - and rich. And she always receives the highest grade-point average in the school. But unlike most thirteen-year-olds, Molly's only motivation is power.

Receiving the highest grade-point average does not leave Molly Hardy with an sense of inner pride and accomplishment - her only feelings are those of greed and manipulation. The highest grades mean simply that her parents will defintely give her an increase in her already substantial allowance and the Headmistress Ms Stratmann will continue to be "putty" in her hands.

The other students of Sussex Academy are either thrilled to have Molly include them in her clique, or devastated by their exclusion. Thus Molly retains power and control within the school, allowing things to go exactly her way. But - there is always one flaw in Molly's perfect plans, and her name is Shirley Holmes. Shirley does not care about peer pressure and cliques. She does not join clubs. She does not care how she dresses.

And yet, infuriatingly, kids still seem to like her, or at least, respect her. And so Molly becomes Shirley's nemesis, her own "Moriaty". She is as brilliant as Shirley and as driven. But while Shirley is driven by passion and a desire to help those in need, Molly is driven by power.

Her true scheming nature is hidden from everyone except Shirley and Bo. Although her machinations are routinely thwarted by Shirley, Molly manages to escape punishment. She is revealed to be a sociopath in "The Case of the Crooked Comic" and is a mastermind of evil genius with an IQ of 160.


Molly first appeared in "The Case of the Ruby Ring" as Alicia Gianelli's running mate during the school election for student council president. Through an elaborate scheme, Molly is elected student council president.

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