Memorial church
Holmes' memorial GoS
Vital statistics
Location London, United Kingdom
Position Anglican church
Appearances Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

This dark, Gothic church was located in London. It was the site of a memorial for Sherlock Holmes, following his apparent death at the Reichenbach Falls, in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

A Game of Shadows

After Holmes threw himself and Professor Moriarty off the Reichenbach Falls to stop Moriarty's plans once and for all, he was presumed dead. Although his body was never recovered, a memorial service was held in his memory in this London church. Many of Holmes's friends and acquaintances were in attendance, including his brother Mycroft, John and Mary Watson, Madame Simza Heron, Mrs Hudson, Inspector Lestrade, Constable Clark, Stanley, Carruthers, Big Joe and Captain Tanner. They also arranged for a small memorial plaque to be installed in the church as a permanent commemoration of Holmes's life.


The church interior was quite dark, and decorated in a late Victorian neo-Gothic style. The interior was richly ornamented with panels and columns of polished stone, carved walls and colourful stained-glass windows, as well as many statues and paintings. Large paintings of the Stations of the Cross were arranged on the walls. At the back of the church was a small fenced-off alcove with a carved stone baptismal font. Wooden pews and chairs were arranged in rows in the nave to accommodate worshippers. A small epitaph to Sherlock Holmes was attached to one of the columns near the back, bearing the words "In loving memory of Sherlock Holmes, 1854-1891. He played the game for the game's own sake". The epitaph was decorated with a cross and a bee.


  • The funeral scene was filmed at St Cuthbert's, Earls Court, London. The church was designed by Hugh Roumieu Gough and built between 1884 and 1887. Wikipedia link.
  • The inscription on Holmes' epitaph is a reference to one of his lines in "The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans". It was added at the request of professional Holmesian scholar Leslie S. Klinger, a consultant to the film.

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