Meinhard Munitions Factory
Meinhards Waffenfabrik
Vital statistics
Location Heilbronn, German Empire
Position Large weapons plant
Appearances Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The Meinhard Munitions Factory is a large weapons plant located outside of the city of Heilbronn in southern Germany.[1]


Founded by Alfred Meinhard, the plant was one of the largest in Europe and made Meinhard one of the leading industrialists of his day. After Meinhard's assassination at a business conference at the Hôtel du Triomphe in Paris, the plant was taken over by Professor James Moriarty. Sherlock Holmes visited this plant while investigating Moriarty in 1891.


The factory produced a wide range of weapons and ammunition, including rifles, machine guns, mortars, and howitzers. It had several unique and memorable products: a self-repeating machine pistol, with a 10-shot box magazine of 7.63 caliber rounds; the Nordenfelt 5-barrel Rifle-caliber Machine Gun; and a super-heavy howitzer nicknamed "Little Hansel". It also produced chemical weapons, including shells filled with poison gas.


The factory complex contained many buildings, including its own post and telegraph office. A large observation tower loomed over the entire area. The main building held the assembly lines, a sealed chemical laboratory, and a map room. The factory had its own rail connection and sheds, which were attached to the warehouses.


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