Marie Devine
Vital statistics
Nationality French
Occupation Lady's maid
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax"

Marie Devine was the maid of Lady Frances Carfax. She is a person of interest in "The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax".


Marie was a faithful servant who followed her mistress in her travels around the Continent. She went with her mistress to Lausanne, Switzerland, where she became engaged to a head waiter at the Hôtel National. The pair left the hotel abruptly for Germany when a wild, "savage" man appeared searching for Lady Frances. However, Marie left Lady Frances' employment soon afterwards. When Sherlock Holmes sent Dr Watson to investigate Lady Frances' disappearance, Watson travels to Montpellier to interview Marie. She states she left Lady Frances in Baden, and returned to France to prepare for her wedding with a £50 parting gift from her mistress. She reveals that she worried about the man they saw in Lausanne, whom she saw violently accost Lady Frances on the shore of Lake Geneva. While interviewing Marie, Watson sees the man lurking in the bushes: the stalker is revealed to be Philip Green, an obsessive former suitor of Lady Frances'.

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