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"Many Happy Returns"

Series 03, Episode 00

Many Happy Returns
Air Date 24 December, 2013
Writer Mark Gatiss
Steven Moffat
Viewers 6.56 million[1]
Previous "The Reichenbach Fall"
Next "The Empty Hearse"
"Many Happy Returns" is a seven minute long prequel mini-episode to series three of Sherlock. It was first released on the BBC iPlayer on 24 December, 2013, before transferring to the interactive Red Button service on 25 December, 2013, and was available for viewing until 2 January, 2014.[2][3] 

Summary Edit

A series of seemingly unconnected crimes stretches from Tibet to India to Germany. Sherlock Holmes has been gone for two years. Someone, however, is not quite convinced that he is dead.[3]

Plot Edit

Anderson meets with Lestrade in a pub and tries to convince him that a series of seemingly unconnected solved crimes that have occurred across Asia and Europe are the work of Sherlock. Anderson believes Sherlock is still alive and making his way back to the UK. Lestrade tells Anderson that he is dead.

Later, Lestrade gives John (who is no longer living in Baker Street) a box of Sherlock's belongings that had been in his office. Among them is a video Sherlock made with a birthday greeting for John on it. After Lestrade has left John sits down with a drink to watch and voices aloud his wish that Sherlock not be dead. In the birthday greeting, Sherlock tells John that he will be back very soon and he is only busy.

Allusions Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to the football results seen in the paper, Man City vs. Ajax 2-2 and Schalke vs. Arsenal 2-2, the episode takes place 7 November, 2012.
  • This incident is documented in John's blog which is dated 5 October.[4]
  • The Pink phone from "A Study In Pink" is seen in the box from Lestrade.
  • According to Anderson's map, after Hamburg, Sherlock is sighted in Amsterdam, and then Brussels.
  • There is no jury system in Germany, it was abolished in 1924. However, Mark Gatiss mentioned on Twitter that he is aware of the lack of a jury in Germany and that's why they called it unusual circumstances.[5]

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References Edit

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