Madame Fournaye
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality French
Family Eduardo Lucas (husband)
Position Housewife
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Adventure of the Second Stain"

Madame Fournaye was a French Creole lady and the wife of the spy Eduardo Lucas, whom she knew under the name of "Henri Fournaye". While in France Lucas lived with Madame Fournaye in a small villa on the Rue Austerlitz in Paris. However, she was suspicious of his frequent, lengthy absences and suspected him of infidelity. She therefore followed her husband to London, where she murdered him in a fit of jealousy after mistaking Lady Hilda Hope, whom he was blackmailing, for his lover. She then returned to her home in Paris where she was arrested four days after the incident, having apparently descended into total insanity.

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