Lucy Ferrier
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Born abt. 1842
Died 1860
Nationality American
Parents John Ferrier
Spouse Enoch Drebber
Religion Mormon
Behind the scenes
Appearances A Study in Scarlet

Lucy Ferrier was the adopted daughter of John Ferrier and the fiancée of Jefferson Hope. When Lucy was young, she and her adopted father were rescued from certain death in the desert by a group of pioneer led by Brigham Young; as a condition for their rescue, they were required to adopt the Mormon faith and follow Young to Utah.

There, Lucy grew into a gentle and very beautiful young woman who caught the eye of all the young men in the Mormon community. However, she fell in love with Hope, an outsider, and became engaged to marry him on his return to Salt Lake City. When this was discovered, Brigham Young personally visited her to tell her that this was against their religion, and that she must immediately choose a husband within the faith - preferably, either Joseph Stangerson or Enoch Drebber, sons of the guiding council of the Mormon Church. Lucy chose instead to elope with Hope and her father to escape the wrath of her would-be suitors. Sadly, Lucy was seized and her father murdered by a Danite posse, and she soon after was married against her will to Enoch Drebber. Lucy died shortly afterwards.

Her persecution and death were the driving motivation behind Hope's murders of Stangerson and Drebber in London, the tale forming the core of "A Study in Scarlet".

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