Lord Smallwood
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Born 1951
Died December 2014
Spouse Elizabeth Smallwood
Children Unnamed daughter
Behind the scenes
Appearances Sherlock

Lord Smallwood is the late husband of Elizabeth Smallwood.


In 1982 Smallwood corresponded with a girl named Catherine Driscol, not knowing that she was fifteen-years-old. The pair of them exchanged letters and she even sent him photographs. After he discovered the truth he immediately stopped the relationship and later got married to a woman named Elizabeth, and the pair had a daughter together. Smallwood told his wife the truth of what happened and informed her of what the letters had contained.

In 2014 Elizabeth - now a member of parliament - found herself blackmailed by news tycoon Charles Augustus Magnussen, who had somehow come into possession of the letters. Magnussen was called up to the parliamentary committee due to his many visits to the Prime Minister at Downing Street, and after a hearing went to see Elizabeth where he informed her on his knowledge. He used this to gain control over her. This forced Elizabeth to go and meet private detective Sherlock Holmes in order to deal with Magnussen and get the letters back.

However Sherlock failed in his mission to obtain the mission as during a raid on his penthouse stumbled across Mary Watson (the wife of his friend John Watson) preparing to kill Magnussen. She ended up shooting and subduing Sherlock.

Magnussen ended up publishing the letters, which became a scandal. Smallwood took his own life before the Christmas period, which Sherlock read in the newspaper.



Series ThreeEdit


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