Lord Moran
Sherlock (2010)
Lord Moran
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Occupation Member of Parliament
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Empty Hearse"
"He's the big rat, rat number one."
Sherlock Holmes speaking about Lord Moran [src]

Lord Moran was a Member of Parliament, a Peer of the Realm, and Minister for Overseas Development.


Lord Moran was a Member of Parliament, a Peer of the Realm, and Minister for Overseas Development. However, he had secretly been working for North Korea since 1996 and was a member of an underground terrorist network that Mycroft Holmes had Sherlock investigate. Sherlock described him as a rat.

Moran was the man who disappeared on the London Underground in the video Howard Shilcott showed Sherlock. Sherlock realised that the underground terrorist network was using the Underground tube tunnels. Lord Moran disappeared on the tube by one of the carriages being detached. Seven cars left the station and only six arrived. Sherlock said that the driver must have diverted the train and detached the car before continuing on his journey without it. Sherlock realised that that night, the fifth of November, whilst there was an all night sitting in Parliament to vote on a new anti-terrorism bill, the terrorist group that Lord Moran was a part of planed to blow up Parliament by means of a bomb in the hidden tube car – which was hidden in a disused tube tunnel underneath the Houses of Parliament. The disused tube station was built and planned to be on Sumatra Road but was never opened and had a tunnel underneath the houses of Parliament. Lord Moran attempted to set off the bomb but was stopped by Sherlock and shortly afterwards was arrested by armed police.




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