Kyosuke Mikuriya is a Japanese director. Mikuriya directed 20 episodes of Sherlock Hound.

Episodes of Sherlock Hound

  • "The Four Signatures"
  • "The Crown of Mazalin"
  • "The Green Balloon"
  • "A Sacred Image Disappears"
  • "The Speckled Band"
  • "The Stormy Getaway"
  • "The Runaway Freight Car"
  • "The Coral Lobsters"
  • "The Golden Statue of the Great Burglar"
  • "The Secret of the Sacred Cross Sword"
  • "The Adventure of the Thames Monster"
  • "The Adventure of the Three Students"
  • "The Rosetta Stone"
  • "The White Silver Getaway!"
  • "The Disappearance of the Splendid Royal Horse"
  • "Disturbance, The World Flight Championship!"
  • "The Secret of the Parrot"
  • "The Bell of Big Ben"
  • "The Priceless French Doll"
  • "The Missing Bride Affair"

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