Kitty Winter
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality British
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client"

Kitty Winter was a mistress of Baron Adelbert Gruner. The baron destroyed Kitty's life and she wants revenge. She attempted to help Sherlock Holmes end the Baron's engagement to Violet de Merville telling his fiancée of his sordid past, but Violet refused to believe her. Kitty also tells Holmes that the Baron "collects women" and chronicles his conquests in a book which he keeps in his study.

Kitty finally gets her revenge by throwing vitriol in the Baron's face, which leaves him hideously disfigured. Charges are pressed against her for this attack but the extenuating circumstances are taken into account. This causes her sentence to be reduced to the lowest possible for such an offense.

Adaptations Edit

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