Kayden Fuller
Kayden Fuller
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality American
Family Jamie Moriarty (mother)
Allison Fuller (adoptive mother)
Mr Fuller (adoptive father, deceased)
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Diabolical Kind"
Portrayed by Delphina Belle

Kayden Fuller is the daughter of Jamie Moriarty, who was adopted by the Fuller family when she was a baby.


Kayden was conceived during what Moriarty described as one of "her weak moments", early in her career as a criminal mastermind.

Knowing that motherhood was incompatible with her career, Moriarty gave Kayden up for adoption to the Fuller family when she was a baby.

When Kayden was a young girl she was kidnapped and her adoptive father killed by Devon Gaspar, a criminal and former employee of Moriarty's. He was hoping to gain a ransom and information from Moriarty.

Kayden was rescued by Moriarty and sent back to live with her adoptive Mother, Allison Fuller. ("The Diabolical Kind")