Jonathan Small
Sherlock (2010)
Photographer Killer
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Family Madeline Small (mother)
Peter Small (brother, deceased)
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Sign of Three"
Portrayed by Jalaal Hartley

Jonathan Small is the substitute photographer for Mary Morstan and John Watson's wedding.

Small blames James Sholto for his brother's death as his brother Peter died whilst under Sholto's command in Afghanistan. So he can gain access to the wedding in order to kill Sholto, Jonathan dates five women on different occasions under different identities, which identities he takes from dead men who live alone. The ploy is successful, he receives the wedding invitation that Sholto will attend from one of his dates whom happens to be Sholto's staff, Tessa.

Small's profession as the wedding photographer gives Jonathan chances to move freely and be able to touch Sholto without raising any suspicion. He uses the same means to attempt to kill Sholto as he uses against Stephen Bainbridge, a Private in Her Majesty's House Guard, who Small practises the method on. Small stabs both intended victims through their tight belt with a long thin blade. The belt holds the wound together until the victim removes it and then the wound opens up, making it appear that the victim has just been stabbed even though the attack happened some time ago. Both victims manage to survive the attack and Sherlock discovers his trick and has him arrested.[1]

References Edit

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