John Watson
Sherlock Holmes (2013 TV series)
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Behind the scenes
Appearances Sherlock Holmes (2013 TV series)
Portrayed by Andrei Panin

Dr. John Hamish Watson was a medical officer in the British Army and a veteran of the Second Afghan War.

Watson is arguably the only friend and confidant of Sherlock Holmes. He is the investigative partner and flatmate of Sherlock, often taking part in his investigations.

Watson is an excellent shot with his firearm and also a competent swordsman and boxer. He was brave and intelligent, ably assisting Holmes in his investigations.

Dr Watson is about 40 years old, and much older than Sherlock. He fell in love with Ms Hudson.

Watson describes Holmes and his methods in too romantic and sentimental a manner for Holmes' taste. In time, they become close friends.

Watson had served in the British Army medical corps in Afghanistan, but was discharged following an injury received in the line of duty during the Battle of Maiwand. Watson was almost killed in the long and arduous retreat from the battle, but was saved by his orderly, Peter Small. Both were captured in captivity by the Afghan fighters.

Personality Edit

Watson is not a stupid man (he is, after all, a medical doctor, and one whose talents Holmes holds in the highest esteem), but he does not have Holmes' insight. He serves as a foil to Holmes: the ordinary man against the brilliant, emotionally-detached analytical machine that Holmes can sometimes be.

Watson efficiently clears up several of the many mysteries confronting the pair, and Holmes praises him warmly for his zeal and intelligence. However, because he is not endowed with Holmes's almost-superhuman ability to focus on the essential details of the case, he meets with limited success in other cases, Watson's attempts to help Holmes with an investigation prove unsuccessful because of his unimaginative approach. Watson is too guileless to be a proper detective; but he is naturally open and straightforward, while Holmes can be secretive and devious. Though initially their relationship was little more than vaguely acquainted roommates, the two became the very best of friends, almost like brothers.

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