This article refers to the character from the 1985 film, Young Sherlock Holmes, played by Alan Cox.

John Watson
Vital statistics
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
Appearances Young Sherlock Holmes
Young Sherlock Holmes (novel)
Young Sherlock: The Legacy of Doyle
2010 Improvathon sketches
Portrayed by Alan Cox
Michael Hordern (voice of older John Watson)

John Watson is a main character and a narrator of the film Young Sherlock Holmes. He is a student at London's prestigious Brompton Academy who, in the universe in which the movie Young Sherlock Holmes is set, meets Sherlock Holmes at Brompton and befriends him long before becoming a doctor of medicine.

Personality Edit

This version of John Watson is not very different to canon essentially, yet he is in his early teenager years when he meets Sherlock Holmes which makes their friendship a little bit different.


  • In this version it is Watson who gifts Holmes a pipe, which he bought when he and Holmes needed to buy something in the shop in exchange for information. Indirectly this also makes him responsible for Holmes starting his smoking habit.
  • This version of Watson wears glasses which is not a usual feature for adaptations and nowhere to be seen in the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Other AppearancesEdit

Alan Cox re-turned to role of Watson and briefly was re-united with Nicholas Rowe at 2010 event 50-hour Improvathon where they appeared in a few sketches.

Improvathon, London 201003:18

Improvathon, London 2010

Improvathon, London 2010-003:09

Improvathon, London 2010-0

Improvathon, London 2010-204:06

Improvathon, London 2010-2

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