John Standish
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality American
Behind the scenes
Appearances Sherlock Holmes (2009 film)
Portrayed by William Hope

John Standish was a member of the Temple of the Four Orders as well as being a rich Ambassador to Britain from America.

He like the other members believed in the Occult and was very superstitious especially when he was concerned that Lord Blackwood had been resurrected. He and his colleagues Coward and Rotherham consult Holmes on the matter. He however does not agree with their fears of a Resurrected Blackwood.

Standish decides to take matters into his own hands after Rotherham had been murdered by his son Blackwood. He arms himself with a revolver and arrives and the main headquarters of the Temple of the Four Orders and walks into a meeting with the other Masons. He berates Lord Coward for nominating the seemingly undead Blackwood and from the Shadows Blackwood explains that he plans to use his black magic as a weapon to control Great Britain and to take back the United States of America much to Standish's displeasure. Standish decides that he shall finish Blackwood and stop the madness before it even begins. He pulls out his pistol and Blackwood warns him not to pull the trigger. Standish pulls the trigger and instantly combusts into flames. Not wanting to come into contact with the blazing Standish the other Masons back away from him as he begs for them to Help him. He stumbles and staggers to a window and in a panic jumps out of it and smashes into carriage setting the carriage on fire as well. He dies from his burns and from his fall.

It is later revealed that Dredger went into his home and rigged his gun with a false bullet and when Standish arrived there was a tapestry pouring a flammable liquid onto him although he thought it was rain.

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