John Douglas
John Douglas
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Occupation Agent
Behind the scenes
Appearances "A Landmark Story"
Portrayed by Roger Aaron Brown

John Douglas was an agent of Moriarty who in turn employed Daniel Gottlieb and other assassins for Moriarty.

In "A Landmark Story", Sherlock texts Moriarty with Daniel Gottlieb's phone arranging a meeting at diner. Waiting outside, Sherlock sees Isaac Proctor waiting for the meeting. When Issac leaves Sherlock tails him, but is cut off by a train. Sherlock takes a series of photos, then goes home and edits them together, creating a picture of Douglas. 

Sherlock arranges a meeting with Douglas, but the latter was assassinated by Isaac when he was about to reveal information about Irene Adler and why she had to die.

Early life Edit

John Douglas spent his teenage years at Baldwin, a disciplinary school in England. After his friend and cellmate, Randall Breen, was attacked and killed by a gang of boys there, he killed the attackers one by one. Because his involvement could not be proven, he was released on his eighteenth birthday and stopped living under his real name.

Trivia Edit

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