Joe Harrison
Sherlock (2010)
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Family Lucy Harrison (sister)
Occupation Courier
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Great Game"
Portrayed by Doug Allen

Joe Harrison was a courier and the brother of Andrew West's fiancée, Lucy Harrison. He had accidentally killed West after the latter came to him, demanding Harrison return what he had stolen – secret government plans that put West's job on the line. Joe Harrison had been dealing drugs and owed money, and felt the only way to pay it off was to sell the plans.[1]

During West's stag night, a drunken Andrew had been talking about his job in MI6 and secret government plans, waving the memory stick around in front of Joe. Joe then stole the memory stick. The next time he saw Andrew, he accidentally pushed him down a flight of stairs, killing him. To rid himself of Andrew's body, Joe hauled West onto a train outside his flat, in the hopes that the train would carry the body away.

References Edit

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