Jeffrey Patterson
Sherlock (2010)
Jeffrey Patterson
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Died 12 October, 2009
Nationality British
Family Margaret Patterson (wife)
Behind the scenes
Appearances "A Study in Pink"
Portrayed by William Scott-Masson
"My husband was a happy man."
―Patterson's wife, Margaret, at the press conference about his death

Sir Jeffrey Patterson was an industrialist who was the first victim of Jeff Hope. He was having an affair with his personal assistant Helen, despite being married to Margaret Patterson. He died on 12 October, 2009.[1]

Patterson was seen arguing on the phone with his personal assistant because he has taken the wrong train and did not know what to do. She tells him to take a taxi, and he is later seen taking a pill from a glass capsule in an abandoned office building.

On 12 October 2009, he was forced to take a cab as his planned car had mistakenly gone to Waterloo. He was not very happy about this, as he usually does not use cabs, and complained to his personal assistant Helen. He caught Jeff Hope's cab and Jeff took him to an abandoned office building.

He is seen afterwards looking scared and taking a capsule from a small glass jar and eating it, then having a seizure on the floor of the building. Later, the dead man's wife is seen giving a press release on how unexplained his suicide was, she says that he was a happy man and that there was little reason for him to kill himself, while the his PA cries in the background.

References Edit

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