Jefferson Hope
Jefferson Hope
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Born 1845
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Died 6 March, 1881
London, England, United Kingdom
Nationality American
Occupation Miner (formerly)
Behind the scenes
Appearances A Study in Scarlet

Jefferson Hope was an American frontiersman and later murderer. After the kidnapping and death of his fiancée Lucy Ferrier and the murder of her father John by the Avenging Angels, he later traveled to London, where he killed Enoch Drebber and Joseph Stangerson in revenge for their roles in the deaths.

He was very clever yet poor, so it was a while after he had found them in London that he could kill Drebber. He hired himself as a cabman and singled Drebber out while he was drunk. He used two pills -- one harmless and one poisoned -- and gave Drebber first choice. Drebber chose the poison and Hope believed this was a sign from God of justice.

Hope killed Joseph Stangerson by climbing on a ladder from the street to the hotel room Stangerson was staying at. Hope at first offered Stangerson a choice of poison or no poison but after Stangerson rejected Hope's offer, Hope stabbed Stangerson in the gut.

Hope had an aortic aneurism in his heart, so he died a day after his arrest. However, he looked back on his life as well spent because he had avenged Lucy's death and he was glad his heart had not burst before the murder of the two Mormons.

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