Isaac Proctor
Isaac Proctor
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality American
Family Duane Proctor (brother)
Occupation Assassin
Behind the scenes
Appearances "A Landmark Story"
"The Woman"
Portrayed by Erik Jensen

Isaac Proctor was an agent and assassin for Moriarty.

In his first appearance in "A Landmark Story", Sherlock texts Moriarty with Daniel Gottlieb's phone, arranging a meeting at diner. Waiting outside, Sherlock sees Issac waiting for the meeting. When Issac leaves Sherlock tails him, but is cut off by a train. Sherlock takes a series of photos, then goes home and edits them together, creating a picture of John Douglas.

Sherlock arranges a meeting with Douglas, but he was assassinated by Isaac when he was about to reveal information about Irene Adler and why she had to die.

Isaac has a much more significant role in a later episode, "The Woman". At a crime scene, Watson finds a rare type of yellow paint in Irene's makeshift studio, which Captain Thomas Gregson traces back to a purchase made by Duane Proctor, who spent five years in jail for assault with a deadly weapon. Gregson and Detective Marcus Bell head to his home, that of Dwayne's older brother with whom he is currently staying. Isaac tells the police that he does not believe his brother had anything to do with Irene's abduction, but is interrupted by Duane's arrival. Gregson and Bell head outside to question Duane, and like his brother, he insists that he is innocent.

Suddenly, gunshots ring out from inside the house. Police proceed inside with caution, discovering that an officer has been shot and that Isaac has fled the scene. Further investigation reveals a large stash of weapons and fake passports hidden in Isaac's garage. Duane is then brought in for interrogation with Holmes, Watson, Irene, and Gregson watching through the two-way mirror. Duane continues to protest his and his brother's innocence in Irene's abduction, stating that his brother was 'one of the good ones' and that he has never heard of Moriarty, a position supported by Irene, as she says that she does not recognise either of the Proctor brothers as one of her assailants.

Meanwhile, Isaac Proctor has holed up in a cheap motel room, cut his hair, and cut his beard down to a mustache to avoid being recognised after his photo is advertised on the news. He receives a call from one of Moriarty's associates, where he exchanges his services in running an 'errand' for Moriarty in return for a safe and untraceable method out of the country.

Isaac is betrayed, but figures it out and decides to kill Holmes as retaliation, due to Moriarty's "obsession" with him.  He attacks the detective in his brownstone. Holmes and Isaac fight, and it is revealed by Isaac that Moriarty is a woman. Isaac is shot from behind and Irene walks in, gun drawn.

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