Hyde Park
Hyde Park
Vital statistics
Location Westminster, London, England
Position Royal park
Appearances "The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor"

Hyde Park was a large public park in central London, adjacent to Kensington Gardens.

Section heading

Shortly after her wedding to Lord Robert St Simon, his bride, the former Miss Hatty Doran, disappeared. Following the ceremony she had attended a wedding breakfast with her husband and his family in a house her father had rented at Lancaster Gate, on the north side of Hyde Park. During the breakfast she had seemed very distressed, and had absented herself for some time to talk to her maid. She then left the house, and was last seen heading into the park with a woman named Flora Millar, a woman with a previous connection to Lord Robert who had previously made a disturbance in the home. On this evidence, Lestrade arrests Flora.

Later, Inspector Lestrade searches the park for Lady St Simon's body, including dredging the Serpentine after her wedding dress and other personal belongings are found floating on the lake by a park keeper. A card signed "F.H.M." found in the dress further implicates Flora, as it urgently requests's Lady St Simon's presence Lestrade forms the theory that Flora lured Lady St Simon into the park, where she had set a trap for her. Sherlock Holmes is less impressed with his reasoning.

In the end, it is revealed that Hatty was alive, and had eloped with her first husband, Francis Hay Moulton, whom had been presumed dead, after discovering that he was in fact still living. Hatty had married Moulton in America, but he had left to seek his fortune immediately after their marriage and was reported killed in an Apache raid. However, he had survived as a prisoner of the Apache, and after escaping followed his wife to London. He had snuck into the church during the wedding ceremony to surprise her, and later during the breakfast waited for her across the street for her in Hyde Park. Hatty had wanted to tell Lord Robert, but was too embarrassed to do so in front of her guests and so resolved to escape quietly. Flora Millar had attempted to talk to her on her way out of the house, to reveal her own past with Lord Robert, but Hatty was uninterested. She met Moulton in the park and the two ran off together to celebrate their long-delayed honeymoon.

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