Howard Shilcott
Sherlock (2010)
Howard Shilcott
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Occupation CCTV operator for the London Underground
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Empty Hearse"
Portrayed by David Fynn

Howard Shilcott was a client of Sherlock Holmes and an employee of the London Underground.

Biography Edit

Mr Shilcott went to Sherlock with a mystery.

Sherlock and Molly Hooper went to see Mr Shillcott, who worked on the District Line on the Tube. Part of his job was to wipe the security footage taken by the CCTV cameras after it had been cleared. He told Sherlock that he found footage of a train at Westminster Station – the last train of the evening on a Friday night. A man got on the train at Platform 2. He got onto the last car and was the only passenger on the train, but at the next stop, St James's Park station, Platform 2, nobody got off. Mr Shillcot said there was no way he could have jumped off and that the journey was a straight line between two stations, that there are no side tunnels or maintenance tunnels – nothing on any map. Mr Shillcot also said that the driver of the train hadn't been to work since – Mr Shillcott having been told by the drivers flatmate that he came into some money and was on holiday.

Appearances Edit

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