Season 4, Episode 16

Air Date 10 March, 2016
Writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Director Ron Fortunato
Previous Up to Heaven and Down to Hell
Next You've Got Me, Who's Got You?
Hounded is the sixteenth episode of season four of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 10th March, 2016.

Summary Edit

In this adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles, venture capitalist Charles Baskerville is struck and killed by a truck while fleeing for his life from what a witness describes as a huge glowing animal. Charles's brother Henry believes it might have been murder and Sherlock thinks Henry may be next. Suspects include the CEO of Stapleton Innovations, who stands to inherit a fortune if both Charles and Henry die. Meanwhile, Dr. Hawes's work is suffering due to the psychological effects of the events of "Down Where the Dead Delight", and he's starting to self-medicate; Sherlock warns him that he'll go into a downward spiral if he isn't careful.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Regular Edit

Recurring Edit

Guest Edit

  • Tom Everett Scott - Henry Baskerville
  • Michael Gladis - Rodger Stapleton
  • Drew Gehling - Caden Barrymore
  • Jennifer Ikeda - Laura Lyons
  • Haviland Morris - Dr. Jane Mortimer
  • Enid Graham - Ms Chadwick
  • Kevin Isola - Anton
  • Ric Stoneback - Seldon
  • Robbie Tann - Stewy
  • Adam Heller - Stuffy Lawyer
  • Raymond Neil Hernandez - Truck Driver

Season Three Navigation Edit

Season Four
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#04 All My Exes Live in Essex#12 A View With a Room#20 Art Imitates Art
#05 The Games Underfoot#13 A Study in Charlotte#21 Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
#06 The Cost of Doing Business#14 Who Is That Masked Man?#22 Turn It Upside Down
#07 Miss Taken#15 Up to Heaven and Down to Hell#23 The Invisible Hand
#08 A Burden of Blood#16 Hounded#24 A Difference in Kind

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