Heather Van Owen
Heather vanowen
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Occupation CEO
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Long Fuse"
Portrayed by Lisa Edelstein

Heather Van Owen was the CEO of Van Owen Strategic Communications, a PR firm specialised in solving corporations' image crises.


Coming from a modest family background, her father being a contractor and her mother a homemaker, Heather resorted to prostitution to enter the Harrington School of Business, and to finance the creation of her PR firm, Vanowen Strategic Communications, in 1994.

In 2008, one of her employees, Pradeep Singh, recognised her from the videotapes he used to make of his encounters with prostitutes, and began to blackmail her. At first, Heather cooperated, but when Pradeep's demands became too extravagant, she built a bomb and placed it in the air-conditioning system next to Pradeep's desk. However, the pager she used as a detonator could not receive the triggering call, and she shot Pradeep instead, immuring his body inside his house while his wife was visiting family in Mumbai. Later that year, she actively looked for a new office space for a society, knowing the bomb was still in the air-cooling system.

Four years later, the bomb exploded by mistake, killing two employees from Parabolic Web Industries. The police, helped by Sherlock Holmes, were able to track down the videotape showing Heather as a prostitute. Sherlock used her addiction to crosswords to prove she had built the bomb, and she was then arrested for the murder of the two employees.

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