Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel
Vital statistics
Location Piccadilly Circus, London
Position High class hotel
Appearances Sherlock Holmes (2009 film)

The Grand Hotel is an expensive hotel located at Piccadilly Circus in London, England. Sherlock Holmes met Irene Adler here while investigating Lord Blackwood. Given their conversation, it is likely they had met here several times before. Irene tried to convince Holmes to run away with her; when he refused, she drugged him and chained him naked to the bed, where he was later found by a scandalised chambermaid.


  • The south side of Piccadilly Square is actually dominated by the Lillywhite's building, which is much larger and more ornate than the hotel depicted in the film. The exteriors of the Grand Hotel were filmed at the (re-dressed) Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, an area later used for the backdrop to the final confrontation in Thor: The Dark World.

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