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Eye of the Crow
Eye of the crow
Book information


Shane Peacock






The Boy Sherlock Holmes, book one




Tundra Books

Publication Date




Followed by

Death in the Air

Eye of the Crow is a book by Shane Peacock and was published in 2007. It is the first book in The Boy Sherlock Holmes mystery series.

Summary Edit

Sherlock Holmes, just thirteen, is a misfit. His highborn mother is the daughter of an aristocratic family, his father a poor Jew. Their marriage flouts tradition and makes them social pariahs in the London of the 1860s; and their son, Sherlock, bears the burden of their rebellion. Friendless, bullied at school, he belongs nowhere and has only his wits to help him make his way.

But what wits they are! His keen powers of observation are already apparent, though he is still a boy. He loves to amuse himself by constructing histories from the smallest detail for everyone he meets. Partly for fun, he focuses his attention on a sensational murder to see if he can solve it. But his game turns deadly serious when he finds himself the accused — and in London, they hang boys of thirteen.

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