Ettie Edwards
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Died California, USA
Nationality American
Parents Jacob Shafter
Spouse Birdy Edwards
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Valley of Fear

Ettie Edwards, née Shafter, was a woman mentioned in The Valley of Fear.

She was the daughter of Jacob Shafter, a German immigrant who managed a boarding house in Vermissa. She married Birdy Edwards (alias John McMurdo), a Pinkerton detective who travelled to the valley in disguise to investigate the Scowrers. Because the Scowrers wanted revenge on Edwards, they moved frequently and changed their names.

They first went to Chicago, and after two failed attempts on Edwards' life they moved to California, where Ettie died. After his wife's death, and again fearing for his safety, Edwards moved to the United Kingdom under an assumed name, where he remarried.

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