Emilia Lucca
Emilia Lucca
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Born Posillipo, Naples, Campania, Italy
Nationality Italian
Family Augusto Barelli (father)
Gennaro Lucca (husband)
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Adventure of the Red Circle"

Emilia Lucca (née Barelli) is an Italian woman who is central in "The Adventure of the Red Circle".

She was born in the Posillipo district of Naples as the daughter of a prominent lawyer named Augusto Barelli. She fell in love with Gennaro Lucca, an employee of her father, but when Barelli disapproved the match, the pair ran away together, got married and moved to the United States.

Gennaro helped a rich Italian, Castalotte, who hired him and became a close friend of the couple. Emilia and her husband lived well in New York, until one night Gennaro had been tracked down by Giuseppe Gorgiano, a dangerous member of the Red Circle, which Gennaro himself had been a member of, but tried to escape. Gennaro had been forced to rejoin the group, then one night Gorgiano tried to brutally seduce Emilia. Gennaro came home and fought the man to defend his beloved. But as punishment he was order to kill his friend Castalotte. The couple decided to escape. They warned Castalotte of the danger, provided him with information, he could give the police and left New York for England.

When they arrived in London, Gennaro made arrangement to protect Emilia. He rented a room and paid more than the usual rent if the landlady would follow his conditions, which was that she would disturb him and leave the food on a chair outside the door. When he had made the arrangements, he and Emilia switched places, so that she could hide in the room without even having the other residents of the house knowing who was staying there. Emilia never left her room and took measures to ensure that she didn't reveale her gender.

Her husband had some work to do and could only contact her through a newspaper. The landlady, who was getting nervous due to the secrecy, contacted Sherlock Holmes for help, who took the case.

One night, Gorgiano had track down Gennaro, who was trying send his wife a coded signal, and attacked him, but Gennaro killed his attacker in self-defends. When Sherlock Holmes and the police arrived at the scene, Gennaro was gone, but Holmes used the candle to ask Emilia Lucca to come over so she could explain her story.