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Elizabeth Smallwood
Sherlock (2010)
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality British
Family Lord Smallwood (deceased)
Unnamed daughter
Occupation Member of Parliament
Behind the scenes
Appearances "His Last Vow"
Portrayed by Lindsay Duncan

Lady Elizabeth Smallwood is a British Member of Parliament who was blackmailed by Charles Augustus Magnussen.[1]

History Edit

Lady Smallwood was part of an inquiry into the interactions Charles Augustus Magnussen had with the British Prime Minister. During the course of the inquiry, he used correspondences between Lady Smallwood's husband and his former lover, a fifteen-year-old girl, as blackmail.

Her husband later committed suicide.

Lady Smallwood was instrumental in approving Sherlock's exile, saving him from imprisonment, discussing with Mycroft Holmes a suitable course of action, and was made aware when Jim Moriarty's face was broadcast over the whole of the United Kingdom.

Personality Edit

Lady Smallwood is a confident, powerful woman, and she is not easily shaken. She is extremely professional in her job.

Trivia Edit

  • She wears the perfume "Claire-de-la-lune".

References Edit

  1. Moffat, Steven (writer) & Hurran, Nick (director). (12 January, 2014). "His Last Vow". Sherlock (2010). Series 3. Episode 3. BBC One.

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